Dubai, UAE

Liquid Hand Wash

We cater a huge assortment of hand wash liquid, which is manufactured from the natural oils. We stand in the midst of predominant hand wash liquid soap manufacturers and exporters from different countries. Our hand washing liquid is very gentle on the skin of the end users. This hand washing liquid cleans your hands and its fragrance remains for a longer period of time. We deliver the stocks at a very brisk pace and that too at the affordable price.

Glass Cleaner

We are the manufacturers of an ample assortment of superlative liquid glass cleaner, produced from the finest quality raw materials. We have firmly positioned ourselves as the most preeminent glass cleaner manufacturer and one of the salient spray glass cleaner suppliers. Our liquid glass cleaner removes the dirt and makes the glass and other showpieces shine brightly. It works effectively and provide a long lasting shine to the glass.

Liquid Dish Wash

We are the manufacturers and offer an exclusive assortment of lemon dishwashing liquid, which effectively removes strong oil and stickiness from the utensils. We stand as the most preeminent dishwashing liquid manufacturer and supplier. Our lime dishwashing liquid is skin friendly, thus does not provide any type of irritation to the skin of the user. It is produced from the pure materials to ensure their excellent performance and reliability. It clean utensils very effectively and provide a long lasting shiny appearance to them.


We customized our shampoo products based on your unique hair structure for beautiful results. They are designed to reinforce the structure of fine hair for a full, healthy looking and to help give color-treated hair a new protective outer layer, leaving hair shiny and vibrant. Leaves hair soft, strengthens hair against damage and helps protect hair’s natural moisture balance.

Shaving & hair Gell

Our shaving gel for men is particularly formulated to provide unmatched shaving accuracy on your skin. It leaves a protective invisible layer on the skin allowing the razor to glide smoothly for a close and comfortable shave while retaining the natural moisture of your skin leaving soft and refreshed.

We introduce a hair gel that provides a strong hold used for grooming, styling and managing hair.

Hand Sanitizer

We manufacture the finest quality hand sanitizer that kills 99% germs instantly while keeping your skin soft and refreshed. It provides quality antibacterial protection at home, work, school, or �on-the-go�. Convenient to carry and easily fits in bag, pocket or drawer.