Dubai, UAE
Wet Wipes

Innovation is key in a market where competition is at its peak. At ABC Industries LLC. we make sure to provide a quality product based on your required thickness and formulation of wipe. Our state-of-the-art production lines provide a lower lead time, so your product is available for you in a timely fashion. Using latest trends and technologies to assist your brand in reducing costs whilst maintaining quality.


  • Capacity of 40,000 Packs per day using our state-of-the-art machinery for converting and packing spun-lace material.
  • Package size variability from 10 Sheets to 120 Sheets
  • Single Sachet; Restaurants, Hospitality, Aviation
  • Capacity of 100,000 sachets a day in various sizes.


Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Facial Cleansing Wipes

Baby Wipes

Water Wipes

Body Wipes

Application Wipes

After your product is formulated, we then fill and package your product into any type of container such as tubes or bottles. Our equipment is versatile and generally doesn’t require specialized tooling. As of recently we have further introduced a new bottling division which enables our ability to design and source PET bottles as required for you.



  • Mixing capacity 15 ton and filling line 75,000 Bottles per day
  • Filling capacity from 30ml to 5l
  • Various viscosity levels to make customized quality of product.
  • Tube filling facilities 40,000 ranging from 30ml to 200ml
  • Refill pouches capacity 36,000 pouches per day 200ml to 2L


Disinfectant Cleaners; Surface Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Antiseptic Liquids

Household: Detergents, Dish Wash, Disinfectant Spray

Hand Wash

Skin/Body Care; Face Wash, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Body Wash, Shampoo


  • Ability produces facial tissue boxes
  • Paper converting and box packing line with capacity to produce around 20,000 boxes a day and have ability to make from 50 sheets to 300 sheets in various sheet size.
  • Complete rewinder line to produce various maxi rolls (500GMS to 1.5KG) with embossing and printing facility
  • Toilet Rolls from 100 sheet to 500 sheets (single, twin, and bulk packing for 10 rolls)
  • Kitchen Towel Embossed and printed.
  • Table Napkin machine with 8 color printing with embossed edges and packing facility ranging from 20 sheet to 300 sheets in various sizes.
  • Pocket tissue with pack size of 10 sheets (Sheet Size 210×210) (3-Ply)
  • Production capacity of around 40,000 packets a day.


Maxi Roll

Toilet Roll

Kitchen Towel

Table Napkins

Facial Tissue Boxes

Pocket Tissue